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Arbitrary Person
06 February 2010 @ 03:20 pm


Had to turn that into an image, cause the text wasn't fitting here. Made it myself, with all the passionate hatred burning within.
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Arbitrary Person
19 March 2008 @ 11:35 pm
How did anyone ever put up with me? I talk too much. And I'm boring as heck.

Tsk tsk tsk.
Arbitrary Person
14 December 2006 @ 05:07 pm
What idiot is trying to get my password? --> <-- Retards. Now, shoo. Or I'll hafta pee on you.

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Arbitrary Person
01 March 2006 @ 11:17 pm
I might actually be moving out. Finally. This is a pretty crummy update lacking the details I'd actually prefer to add, but eh. I have it narrowed down between 4 apartment complexes, they all offer generally what I'd like, and they're all in walking distance to my school. Must scrutinize... They'll all let me take my cat, thats exciting enough for me. Will have a roommate. A girl. I know its a little odd, but I've got some super motherly instincts kicking in like you wouldnt believe. Anywho, still working out the kinks in all this, but ought to be moved out no later than before the start of the coming fall semester. I'm barely at midterms, and I'm already blabbing about the excitement of next semester. I'm planning planning. Cant let this one fall through. I must say... I'm thrilled beyond repair.

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Arbitrary Person
08 June 2005 @ 11:15 pm
A total of... two people here care. Thanks guys. I hate the rest of you. :D Go blow your moms.

Today was so cool. I got a bike. Chuck actually bought me a super awesome bike. I love it. A mountain bike. <3 Huffy. Its so pretty. My mum bought me 3 shirts, 2 flip flops, and a purse. I'm so loved. :D

Arbitrary Person
06 June 2005 @ 01:14 pm
Yesterday, when Chuck and I were on our way to church we took the u-turn under 59 at Aldine Mail Rt. to go to the Diamond Shamrock to get gas. There wasnt much traffic as usual, but there were indeed cars coming from every direction. I stopped before crossing the main road, and waited for it to clear. A big white van kept scooting up onto my bumper honking at me, which made me aggravated. There was a car on the opposite side waiting to go as well, and the woman flagged for me to go ahead of her. After the final car passed, I eased across. However, when I had already passed the first two lanes, and was inside the last lane heading up the left side of the ramp into the gas station, the lady who flagged me had already taken off pretty fast and ran directly into the side of my car. Where Chuck was. When I saw that she was coming toward us, and wasnt slowing down or anything, I honked 2-3 times and I yelled. Chuck tried leaning away from the door but we were hit pretty hard. I was really scared, and I finished rolling up the ramp and the lady followed. There were 3 HPD cars there, and a cop just got out of his vehicle- only to tell us to call Harris County PD instead, and he turned and walked away without looking into anything.

I began to hyperventilate, and Chuck was shakily getting out of the car. It seems that the door was forcefully shoved inward and hit his leg. In fact, there is a massive bloody welp on the outside of his right leg. I didnt know the number to Harris County, so I called 911 and they did the call for me. Chuck was trying to keep me calm, but it was very scary. I didnt even know how bad his leg was hurt until later- he claimed it was just a bump. What a trooper, it must've been killing him but he kept calm to try to keep me calm. The woman didnt do anything, she opened her door and just sat there and started organizing her bills. I called my mum frantically but her fone was off since she was in church. I called my brother and he got a hold of them for me. They lept from their seats and took off to help us.

Job came, but my parents went to go pick up my newest insurance card first, then they got there. A few members of our church showed up and hugged us and such, and tried to calm me down. The woman from the other car yelled some random stupid rant, and surprisingly I couldnt understand what she was saying, despite my slight understanding of 'ghetto'. She ended up finally getting out of her car to walk around to the front of it and check it out. She was rubbing her neck claiming I hurt her. Somehow, the idea that the side of my car ran into her and hurt her just doesnt seem realistic. I was so angry, I was squeezing my fone until the plastic and the screen cracked and broke. When my parents showed up, I began feeling a little better. We waited around for the cop to show up, but it took quite a while.

In the meantime, the woman's husband/brother showed up and was actually kind enough to ask if me and Chuck were alright. By this time, Chuck had pretty much stopped talking and was seeming a little out of sorts, but he told the man he was alright. He looked at the damage and apologized a bit, then went back toward her car. When the police showed up, I started crying and shaking again. I guess I was just frightened still. The cop was very nice, and simply helped us sort things out. The black woman really didnt know what she was doing about the insurance or anything, she only had information, not the card. In fact, the entire time the officer was talking she stood there with her mouth agape looking incredibly dumbfounded. She leaned over to the man with her and asked something about them pressing charges. I was still crying at the time, so it was difficult to suddenly be angry, but I tried. The officer suggested no one, even us, press charges, because it would be going on both our records. The man told her no and she went back to writing something in a notepad. The officer gave us both pieces of paper with his name and info on it about the accident and such, and said that now that it was final and he reviewed everything that happened, no one can claim anything against each other in the future or whatever.

They left immediately, and the man shook hands with all of us and told me not to cry- he had a girl the same age as me and he could understand and such, that thats why they call them 'accidents' and such. Finally, everyone began to depart, and I went to Chuck's to calm down. We had to wait till today to take the car in and get everything fixed up. The side looks awful, and the door is difficult to shut and the window rolls down an inch whenever you finally slam it. I might end up with another rent-a-car, I dont know. I'll find out in about an hour. Unfortunately, Chuck's parents have stopped their insurance and stuff since his dad is still out of a job, so he couldnt have his leg even looked at at a hospital. It looked pretty bad, and the area was really big. It looked as if some veins had been punctured and blood was just flowing up to the skin surface. I couldnt apologize enough to Chuck, I really couldnt. Today, he's resting at home- he slept a lot since his parents gave him some of his dad's back pills in hopes of relieving some of the pain. His legs are so thin and his knees are so boney, I really hope nothing else is damaged. He doesnt have enough meat on him to protect his knee, ligaments, or anything. It doesnt look like a normal bruise. I'm really worried for him.

I dont really know what else to say. I just thought I should update about it. I'll miss my car. And Chuck ought be getting better. S'all.
Arbitrary Person
01 June 2005 @ 12:02 pm
Chuck and I ran into Derrik, Aaron, David Chow, and Beto at Taquiria Arandas yesterday. Literally ran into Derrik, almost. Scared the living crap outta me, diving past us at the door. Silly critter. ^^ I looked like utter crap, expecting to grab food and run home, which we did, but with the unexpected surprise of seeing old friends. << If ya'll are reading this, I'm sorry if my ugly face offended you. It was nice seeing ya'll, though. I miss people. :/

Convo between Chuck and I on the way home:
L: That one guy didnt say much.
C: Who? Chino?
L: Who's Chino?.. Anywho, that guy makes me think of a puppy.
C: Chino?
L: I thought he was Beto?
C: The other one is Chino.
L: I thought that was Antonio? He works at Kroger?
C: Yah, but he wasnt there. Thats not Chino.
L: Who's Chino?
C: The chinese guy.
L: David Chow?
C: David Chow was there?
L: Yeah, the chinese guy. Thats Chino?
C: David Chow is Chino.
L: Are you stating that, or asking yourself?
C: ... There was Beto, Chino, Aaron and Derrik.
L: Okay. Beto reminds me of a puppy.
C: Okay. Beto reminds you of a puppy.

I'm debating whether to keep typing, or work on my cross stitch pattern. I'm really too tired to do much of anything else at the time. Actifed really knocks you out. I slept for almost 12 hours thanks to it, and it was a great 12 hours. Since Chuck doesnt really update, I'll do it for him- At around 3am last night, his cat Oreo peed on him. She stood on his shoulder with her butt pointed at his face and peed. It mainly got on his shoulder and his pillow, though. "Favorite cat" my butt. She's a snotty spoiled ugly ratty old girl. I love cats, but something about her makes me want to kick her when I see her. :D Maybe I will.

Okay, dizzy and tired. Off to cross stitch. More updates later. ^^
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Arbitrary Person
26 May 2005 @ 08:58 am
While playing around last night, I found something that caught my eye - a way to make money doing hardly anything? Awesome! So I'm sharing it with ya'll because... well, because I dont have many friends, so ya'll are the bestest of those that I do have. Anywho, I heard from a few people that its a total scam, but it doesnt hurt even if it is. I heard from a few other people though that they're actually collecting money from this. I guess the complainers just arent working for the money like the others. Bah.

Here's the deal- You sign up at this link http://netbux.org/?r=246898 (thats my referral number, it helps track me, please use it! ^^) and you choose whether you want to get paid through an account with StormPup (its like Paypal, but a different type) or a check in the mail. Like I said, they dont do anything to you, ask any questions or anything. The only thing you have to do to get money is use -their- search engines. They offer google, yahoo, and the others that you use every day, but they've added more advertisements along the side panel. And well, dont be surprised if you get a pop up or two every once in a while. These pop ups are blockable if you have good equiptment, and they're clean ads- dont worry about the wormy casino and porn pop ups that never go away- these dont screw up anything.

So you use their Google/Yahoo to do a search (I checked, by the way, its the same google- they're not cheating anyone) and there's a small bar across the top of the screen that performs a 10 second countdown. You can click on the link you want, or just wait while it counts, and when its finished, it will award you the search credit. Just dont hit 'back' or click on 'return to search' until its finished. And dont worry, you can only get credits for searching, not for clicking the links, or ads or anything. If you wanted, you could just do a bunch of random searches over and over- thats what I've been doing. Shhh. ;)

Here's where they cap things- You can only search from their base site 40 times per day to receive credits. If you go over 40, they stop giving credits, so you might as well wait till the next day. The amount a credit is worth varies occassionally, depending on the worth of ads available to netbux at the time. It never will be just 1 cent, but it hovers between 2-5 cents always. On average, you could be making 36-48 extra bucks every month. Its not enough to live on, but thats quite a bit for just searching on the net, like most of us already do. (I like to think of it as getting money for expanding my brain. ^^ Bwahahaha) They restart everything on the 15th of every month, so thats when you get paid. Unless I'm mistaken, they only pay you if you've gone over $25, and if you dont, it will stay in your account there till the next month, and then you'll be paid the entire amount.

So give it a shot, none of you have anything to lose. After you sign up, instead of typing google.com in the address bar, just type netbux.org and click the link to begin your google search. ^^ Its easy, its clean, no one can stalk you or use your information, and you're going to end up making money if you just give it a shot. http://netbux.org/?r=246898 Click the link, and fill out the small registration form, then you're on your way to some easy cash.

Arbitrary Person
25 May 2005 @ 09:13 am
tired, icky, hot, sweaty, sticky, weak, aggravated, frustrated, infuriated, flustered, deprived, uneasy, grouchy, hesitant, ill, weary, dizzy, alksdlakfa.

And I dont think they have a picture for this mood.

But I got one.

Something like that.

Man. I really gotta get new pictures.
Arbitrary Person
19 May 2005 @ 11:59 pm
I saw a link about Xanga yesterday, so I checked up on my old one. The last entry I had was from seemingly forever ago, when I was scouting for folks to go to Cadwalder with me and Cheex. Ah, what memories. (Dang pop-up "SexSearchDotCom" wtf?!) Anywho, I figured I'd post a little something on it, just for the heck of it. Later yesterday evening I went back to it, I wanted Chuck to see what I had put, since my little mind found it oh-so humorous. Someone had commented, so I checked it with excitement "Someone actually read my entry?! COOL!" Or so I thought. It was actually this chick who commented randomly with an advertisement. Not just a regular advertisement, or one about a sex website, or winning something, or a link for a website. No, that would make sense, no one wants to make sense. It was a link to a Xanga user that wasnt open YET (they said exactly when the xanga would be made available for viewing) by a friend of this girl who would be writing 'humorous yet touching devotionals for girls'. Only Christian people are this stupid and self-absorbed. Yes, I can openly admit that, being that I'm a big Christian myself. Thats not even my biggest complaint. Aggravated by this completely random advertisement on my journal, I deleted the comment. Then after thinking it over, I went to the girl's journal (the one who posted it, since the other wont be around for a few days, those idiots). I then commented on her journal entry, which was an update about her laptop and the advertisement in greater details. As if all the asians and what few other teenage race groups on Xanga will actually take their internet time to go read a Christian girly devotional. I dont even bother looking at the Garfield comics I get daily in my email, and I'm a net-hog. Anywho, I simply commented as respectfully as possible asking that she wouldnt advertise on my journal, and that it was a little rude of her since she didnt know me, she wasnt in any of the same communities and groups as me, and especially since she disregarded entirely the entry to which she replied, as she must have with everyone else's journals she advertised on. Not a good little example of a selfless sweet Christian, if you ask me, but I kept my mouth shut. The university brat commented again on my journal later with a very ditzy smug tone with a pseudo-apology and "I usually do try to comment, sorry I missed commenting on yours. I mean, what else is there to comment on? ;) Have a good day!" I would've grabbed her by the hair and slammed her ugly face into her own monitor, if I could've. Then, I would've dragged her from her little swivel chair across the floor, still by her hair, and I would've kicked her in the gut repeatedly, probably killing the unborn, unwanted child of a non-monogamous unChristian college gang-bang from the prior month just before she announced her 'rebirth' into Christianity. Yes, many ugly things come out of my mouth. You'd be more amazed by what has been coming out of my- Thats another entry I'll save for later. But what is it about that comment that caused all this anger to arise within me? No one likes being disrespected, even their property. And it would phase even Yoda to be told by some allegedly 'good Christian girl' that though they said quite a bit, they really said nothing. I cant quite word it right, there's just something anger-worthy in those few sentences. I hate people so much. Gawd, I love anger. Anger = Power. I'd so be a dark sith. xD

Conversation between Anakin and Amidala: Episode 2.

"Someone should make them obey." -Ani
"Lyk omg, thatd so totally be a dictatorship thingy!" -Pad
"So?" -Ani
"Omg Anakin ur so smart lets flirt n i make u hot but we wont do it ok?" -Pad
*Attempts Jedi mind trick* "Make love to me." -Ani
"Hehe! Silly jedi-in-training! I have to be over 14 for taht to work on me!" -Pad
"Damnit. Lets get married." -Ani
"OK!!! i lyk ur droid parts. Ur hotter tahn r2D2." -Pad
"Shh. This might hurt a bit, I'm using the force." -Ani

One of the funniest things I've ever read/seen. Its so realistic! You guys have to check it out. :D!!! http://www.n-chicken.net/previews/episodeiii.shtml

I think I'm getting pretty darn tired. Off I go.